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Warehouse credit line Accounting & Reconciliation

Recording  daily/weekly/monthly warehouse credit line entries for advances and settlement and reconciling with warehouse credit lines on daily/monthly basis.




Collecting data of loans originated from LOS and posting Funding entries to record the loans in the books to keep the accurate and latest position of loans on hand.

Collecting data of loans purchased from LOS and posting Purchase entries into the books to offload the loans purchased by investors and recording interest, fees, leakages etc. 

Accounts Payable

Recording invoices as accounts payable for appraisal invoices, FHA/VA payments, VA invoices, general invoices on daily basis for timely booking of invoices and payment.

FHA/VA Accounting

Accounting for loans falling under FHA/VA category. Posting payables for FHA/VA appraisals, taxes and fees.

LOS Updation

Updating the LOS system with various dynamic information for reporting such as updation of Purchase advice, Servicing worksheet, Loan master data, Investor files etc.

Month end Closing

Recording month end entries for interest accruals, fees accruals, expenses provision and other journal entries to close the books. Reconciliation of various checking account, clearing accounts(Purchase/Warehouse clearing), critical GL reconciliations.


Identifying loan level balances for closed loans lying in different GLs and clearing the GLs to keep the books clean and avoid audit queries. Researching critical GLs such as appraisal expenses, FHA VA taxes & fees, clearing accounts etc. to correct unreconciled entries and book or reverse unmatched expenses.

Loan level Data Analysis

We perform loan level analytics to get deeper insights into your loan portfolio. Report data visualizations with business intelligence tools, reporting loan level profitability, analyzing trends, per loan expense analysis, gain on on sale reporting and customized analytics to help you take data driven decision by turning loan level data into strategic advantage.

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Mortgage Accountants_LOGO_BLACK_edited_edited.png

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